Great Health benefits Using Pine Pollen!

Pine pollen is a nutritional source of power for both men and women alike. An herb that’s was first developed by the Chinese over two thousand years ago. Pine pollen supports and strengthens the immune system, while balancing androgenic and estrogenic hormones in the body.

There’s nothing quite like this herb for supporting the cardiovascular system, all the while detoxifying the liver at the same time. Pine pollen revs-up the metabolism for maintaining body weight.
One of the great advantages of pine pollen, it will increase glutathione, this is the bodies major antioxidant. Glutathione fights free radicals in the body and it fights it at the cellular level. For men, this herb will optimize the prostate and for women, it will maximize breast health.

Pine Pollen has No Toxic Effects On The Body…….

Pine Pollen is an effective tonic can be used over time with no toxic effects on the body. This adaptogenic herb acts to normalize and regulate the system of the body, whatever stress the body is experiencing at the time.

Pine Pollen has a varied and wide-rang of vitamins and minerals including the “B” family, vitamins B1,B2,B3,B6, AB- Carotene, Folic Acid, Vitamin D and E, and a whole arsenal of minerals including Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Silicon, Zinc, Sodium , and Molybdenum, and the kicker to all this is, there are over twenty amino acids and all the eight essential amino acids, this translates into being about 30% protein.

Pine Pollen Is An Androgen…..

Pine Pollen has a plethora of vitamins and minerals, it also has medicinal capabilities for the continuing health issues, it also helps in the optimizing of the body functionality, all the while supporting in preventing degenerative conditions of the body.
This herb is an androgen, this means it has the capability to rise testosterone levels successfully in the body.

Hormones have the potential for beneficial effects for both men and women. For the men, if they have low testosterone it has been found to be an independent predictor of an increased risk of disease, and this would include heart disease.

Low testosterone in men run the greater risk of heart disease than those that have satisfactory levels of testosterone. Balancing hormones for women is equally important for great health. In addition, studies have revealed that balancing testosterone can greatly improve symptoms in both men and women with congestive heart failure. Pine Pollen will raise the testosterone levels in the blood, balances the ratio of androgens to estrogen, this is because of the plant sterols contained within the herb.

Pine Pollen is Great for The Female Populace As Well……

In China, where pine pollen has been used for thousands of years, it is considered one of the beauty tonics for women young and old. Women can apply this herb to their skin. It has several compounds that will support both the elastin and collagen alike. Women become concerned when they see the word “testosterone” with no knowledge of the need they have for this hormone, only in a lesser amount than that of the men.

Taking Pine Pollen does not mean that women automatically wake in the morning needing a shave and is able to crush beer cans with one hand! So, great health benefits comes from using Pine Pollen, for men and women alike!
Dan Atkins

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